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Inspection Station
Inspection Station

Federal/State DOT Inspections

We perform D.O.T. inspections ...
Inspections Emphasize Importance of Vehicle, Driver Compliance *

We Inspect...

 ***  18 Wheelers, Trucks, Trailers
 ***  Dump Trucks, Tank Trucks
 ***  Bucket Trucks, Truck Crane
 ***  Hot Shot Trucks,  1 Ton P/U Trucks
 ***   Shuttle Buses, School Buses
 ***  RV's that are over 26,100 lbs (Diesel)

***  Passenger Cars and Light-Duty Trucks

Not sure if your vehicle needs a commercial inspection?
Call us, we will be glad to answer your questions.


No appointment needed 

Texas D.O.T Inspection
Truck: $40.00  ~ Trailer: $40.00


F.M.C.S.A  Inspection - Out of State  

Truck: $60.00 ~ Trailer: $60.00

90 Days Inspections $60.00

Passenger Cars and Light Trucks


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24/7 Call number - 956.752.1152

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